Barry Verber is a passionate advocate for British food, and for London's eclectic variety of eateries. Dubbed by some as the "Jeremy Paxman of the dinner table", Verber's trademark 'no-nonsense' reviews have earned him the respect of countless restaurateurs. Verber, the former owner of a successful family textile business, is not, then, afraid to put his money where his mouth is - he has carved a respected reputation for "telling it like it is", often when others are too reluctant, or too "British", to do so. His reviews are tongue-in-cheek and witty. They're also invariably mischievous. But, above all, Verber is never shy to speak his mind and to give praise - and criticism - where it's due. Verber is the co-founder of the Supper Club, an exclusive monthly event he runs with Lord Lee of Trafford, the Liberal Democrat peer and former government Minister.

Verber spent a lifetime in business as the managing director of family firm Wilfred Verber, a successful family textile business. Upon retirement, he taught English as a Foreign Language at International House, the prestigious international school in central London - a post he held until 2010. Despite a long and illustrious career in the corporate world, Barry's passion for cuisine was never far away. In 2009, he co-founded the 'Supper Club', an informal but exclusive gathering of likeminded individuals. Members visit some of the capital's leading restaurants on a monthly basis and share their reviews with one another. But in 2012, what began as a hobby became a new career when Barry elected to dedicate his retirement to full-time critiquing. Now aged 70, Barry lives in London and has two grown-up children.

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