Table for 1 Part 2

Posted on 29 Sep 2014, by Barry Verber

I posted a blog last week with a couple of serious omissions which I need to rectify. My son, an art dealer of repute, has been telling me for some time that the best food in London at the moment is to be had at Barrafina, either in Frith Street Soho, or, their new venue in Adelaide Street Covent Garden. He did however, add a caveat. I would have to queue. Well, there are two things by and large that I do not do, one is wait and the other is queue. Arrogant you might think, but then patience has never been a virtue of mine I’m afraid.

With this in mind I decided to try my luck at the newer venue, and I am glad I did. Whilst there was not a seat immediately available in this bright airy space, the charm of the staff asking me to wait just a few minutes ( 20 ! ) to be seated ,overcame any desire I might have had to leave. And, here, there are only bar stools at a curved marble topped counter, no tables, a lone diner’s paradise. The food came quickly, small delicious tapas portions, their famous tortilla, pimientos de Padron, hot hot hot, sublime Iberico ham, courgette flower, a favourite of mine, improved by a stuffing of soft goat’s cheese and a main course, though I needed only the smaller portion, of braised ox tongue with crushed potatoes. I could go on, because there was little on offer that I would not have enjoyed. First class ! My son knows his onions !

I also need to tell you about the best sandwich in London, also available sitting on a bar stool, at Lobster and Burger. There is one in Mayfair and one in Farringdon but I prefer the former. There, with a nice cold beer on tap, you can have a light sweetish brioche roll stuffed to the brim with warm soft lobster, a tin of hot thin chips and a salad for £20…believe me when I tell you it’s the best and most satisfying sandwich you will find anywhere, and you can eat it solo, minding your own business and tucking in.

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