All entries to be submitted through Run My Festival by JANUARY 19th, 2024

Section Secretary: Hannah Lindsey-Clark

26 Cotswold Close



RG22 5BA

Email: bmaf.piano@gmail.com

Phone: 07437190036


1 Entrants may use a page turner where page turns, or photocopies will hinder the flow of the performance.

2 Entrants may not be accompanied by their teacher outside of class PB-2.

3 Only one piece to be played per class unless otherwise stated in the class description.

4 Entrants may only enter one graded class.

Adjudicator: Caroline Tyler



Entrants must not be accompanied

Award: Eloise Marie Beginners Cup (with PB2)

2 mins.

Award: Eloise Marie Beginners Cup (with PB1)

GRADED CLASSES Repertoire must be chosen from the appropriate grade of a recognised syllabus past or present.

P1 Grade 1 2 mins.

Award: Claire Taylor Cup

P2 Grade 2 2 mins.

Award: The Worting Cup

P3 Grade 3 3 mins.

Award: The Becky Simpson Cup

P4 Grade 4 3 mins.

Award: Debbie Fuller Cup

P5 Grade 5 4 mins.

Award: Rosemary Jones Cup

P6 Grade 6 4 mins.

Award: Lynette Moss Cup

P7 Grade 7 5 mins

Award: The Tamar Cup

P8 Grade 8 6 mins

Award: Morris Vaughan Cup

SOLO CLASSES All pieces are own choice. All ages must be calculated as on the date of the festival class.

P9 7 Years & Under 2  mins.

Award: James Lisney Cup

P10 8 Years 2 mins.

Award: SM Judge Cup

P11 9 Years 3 mins.

Award: Edna Gladys Coaten Cup 1

P12 10 Years 3 mins.

Award: Edna Gladys Coaten Cup 2

P13 11-13 Years 4 mins.

Award: Brant of Chineham Cup

P14 14-15 Years 4 mins.

Award: Mary Lee Cup

P15 16-18 Years 5 mins.

Award: Paul Garland Cup

ADULT SOLO Open to players of all standards, including professionals.

P18 Adult Solo – Non-Competitive 5 mins.
P19 Adult Solo – Competitive 6 mins.

Award: Betty McCormick Cup

SONATA One movement to be played from a sonata or sonatina from any era.

P22 11 Years and Under 8 mins.
Award: Victoria Davies Cup
P23 12-18 Years 8 mins.
Award: Jean Murphy Cup
P24 Open 8 mins.


P25 Baroque Solo Open 8 mins.

Award: Joan Boyd Cup

P26 Chopin Solo Open  8 mins
Award: Patricia Smart Salver
P27 Contemporary Solo – Own choice solo of a piece composed no earlier than 1900 8 mins.

Award: E M Norman Cup

P28 Stage & Screen Solo – Own choice solo of a piece from a stage show, musical, TV programme, Film or Video Game 8 mins.
P29 Open Solo – One piece or movement, duration to be stated on entry for 8 mins.
P30 Spanish Solo – One piece written by a Spanish Composer 8 mins.


P31 11 Years & Under 3 mins.

Award: Stapleton Cup (with classes P32-P34)

P32 12-15 Years 3 mins.

Award: Stapleton Cup (with classes P31, P33, P34)

P33 16-18 Years 4 mins.

Award: Stapleton Cup (with classes P31, P32, P34)

P34 Open 5 mins

Award: Stapleton Cup (with classes P31-P33)

RECITAL Own choice of 2 or 3 pieces in contrasting styles, not performed in any other class.

P35 11 Years & Under 10 mins.

Award: Farleigh Cup

P36 12-15 Years 12 mins.

Award: Alison Heal Trophy

P37 16-18 Years 15 mins.

Award: Miranda Lee Cup

P38 Open 15 mins.

Award: Festival Cup

INTERFESTIVAL PIANO CLASS Two pieces played from memory one piece lasting 6 minutes and a shorter contrasting piece. Entrants achieving 88 markers or higher may be invited to compete against other high-scoring pianists in North London Music Festival which will be held in the Spring 2024

P39 16 Years And Over 6 mins.

Award: Valerie Taylor challenge Trophy

ACCOMPANIMENT CLASSES Entrants must provide their own soloists who will not be marked.

P40 11 Years & Under
P41 12-15 Years
P42 16 – 18 Years
P43 Open

OWN COMPOSITION A composition for any instrument or combination of instruments, including voices. Can be a sole or joint entry. Composition should be submitted 4 weeks before the competition date and entrants should arrange for their own performers to play the pieces on the day of the festival.

P44 Open

Award: Guildford Cup


P45 11 Years & Under 4 mins.

Award: Robinswood Duet Salvers

P46 12-18 Years 6 mins.

Award: Dolman Duet Salvers

P47 Amateur Duet – Open 4 mins.

Award: Stan Taylor Memorial Cup

P48 Adult Duet 6 mins.
P49 Open Duet / Four Hands 8 mins.
P51 Family Duet 6 mins.


P52 Trio Open 6 mins.

Award: The Dolman Trio Salvers