Creative Writing


Entry Fees: 

Years 1-6: £5.00          Years 7-13: £6.00          Adults: £7.00         Concessions: £6.00

All entries to be submitted by January 19th, 2024.

This year, we’re trying to make entries as seamless as possible, whilst still cutting down on paper waste. 

– Please place all your entries using this form:

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  • Once you have completed the form with your details, please send your actual entries as word documents to

– Paper copies can be sent by arrangement.

Any questions, please also feel free to email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Section Secretary: Amy Underdown


Phone: 07572545488

Adult Adjudicators: Tessa Lock & Ellen Lock

Children Adjudicator: Angela Hurley B.Ed Hons.


ARTICLES – Non Fiction, own choice of subject – topical, contemporary or historical in nature. The article should be persuasive and informative irrespective of the chosen topic.

CW1 Years 4-6


Trophy shared with CW2

Award: Charles Lamb Cup

Up to 500 words
CW2 Years 7-13 Up to 1,000 words

Trophy shared with CW1

Award: Charles Lamb Cup

CW3 Adult Up to 2,000 words

Own Choice

Award: Arthur Attwood Cup

LETTER WRITING – Own choice of subject on one A4 sheet with 1.5 line spacing. Please set out in letter format with Dear <name>, date and sender’s (can be fictional) address. Addressee info on a separate sheet.

CW4 Years 1-2  

Award: Tony Corbin Trophy

CW5 Years 3-6  

Award: Marian Grey Cup

CW6 Years 7-13  

Award: Basingstoke Writers’ Circle Cup

CW7 Adult


Award: Angela Hurley Cup


POETRY – Own choice of subject and style up to a maximum length of 40 lines. Styles can include Blank verse – almost always iambic pentameter, Rhymed poetry, Narrative poetry, and Haiku.

CW8 Primary Years 1-2


Award: Charles Lamb Award

CW9 Primary Years 3-4


Award:Sadler-Hall Cup

CW10 Primary Years 5-6


Award: Garland Cup

CW11 Secondary Years 7-13


Award: Warton Cup

CW12 Adult


Award: Cliddesden Shield

SHORT STORIES – conveying setting, conflicts, characters, plot, theme, and perspectives. Own choice of subject, maximum length as defined below:

CW13 Years 1-2


Award: Amy O’Connell Shield

Up to 500 words
CW14 Years 3-6


Award: David Anderson Basingstoke Rotary Club Cup

Up to 800 words.
CW15 Years 7-13


Award: Bryn Studwick Cup

Up to 1,000 words
CW16 Adult


Award: Sony Broadcast Cup

Up to 2,500 words

SCRIPT WRITING – A one-act play on any subject. Please include – outline of setting, props required, character names, production directions and intended medium (i.e. Radio, stage, or TV). Durations as shown.

CW17 Years 4-6


Award: Roy Hurley Cup

10 mins.
CW18 Years 7-13


Award: Jane Austen Steventon Trophy

15 mins.
CW19 Adult


Award: Micheldever Trophy

20 mins.

SONNETS – Normally 14 lines and 10 syllables per line. Please state the Sonnet Form i.e. Italian, Shakespearean, Petrarchan or Spenserian.

CW20 Years 5-13


Award: Bryn Strudwick Trophy

CW21 Adult


Award: Jim Briggs Cup


FLASH FICTION 500 WORD CHALLENGE – Own choice of subject. The story should be substantially set in Basingstoke or the Borough (i.e. Basingstoke & Deane). Marks will be deducted otherwise.

CW22 Years 5-13


Award: Brecon Beacons Cup

500 words.
CW23 Adult


Award: Destination Basingstoke Trophy

500 words.

Introduced in 2019, the exceptional challenge and aim of flash fiction is to outline or indicate,

in just 500 WORDS, a clear portrayal of both character and plot development. An additional

goal should be to imply a much larger backstory.


An amazing 110 languages, including sign-language and other communication

systems, are used across the Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council administrative

area. The aim of Poem into Poem is to encourage the sharing of verses, poems or

songs from other languages by translating them to poetry in English.

1) Please provide a copy of the original, whether your own writing or a published poem.

2) In 100/150 words, outline why you chose or wrote the original poem and now wish to

share it.

3) Individually, or collaboratively, recreate and produce as a poem in English.

Entrants should live within the Borough of Basingstoke and can enter as an individual

or as part of a tutored, collaborative school group. Please indicate any form of

assistance given at the foot of the entry.

CW24 Years 1-6


Award: Alethea Award*

Up to 30 lines.
CW25 Years 7-13


Award: Althea Award*

Up to 40 lines.

*These awards, which include a book-token, are in memory of Alethea Watterson, nee Stevenson, (1918-2007), a theatrical dancer, who set up and ran the Basingstoke Spanish Circle. For further guidance please contact Richenda Power (Alethea’s daughter) – Email: or Phone on: 01256-322959