Marilyn Wright

Vice Presidents

Mrs. Elizabeth George Mrs. Mary Vine

Mrs. Sue Morris Mrs. Iris Rodges

Mrs. Margaret Garland Mrs. Wendy Harding

Former Presidents


Mrs. Angela Hurley Mr Paul Holmes

Chairperson Sam Gill
Treasurer Sarah Crowdy
Secretary   Jean Filkin
Web Design, Syllabus and Programme   Eloise Gill & Sarah Crowdy
Publicity and Marketing Officers Angie Holmes, Eloise Gill & Afton Aitkenhead
Supply Manager: Awards, Cups, Trophies and Stationery  Miriam Benkova
Sponsorship Miriam Benkova
Health and Safety Steve Barlin
Safeguarding Officer Steve Barlin
Council Representatives Cllrs. Andrew McCormick and Angie Freeman
Festival Archivist Angela Hurley
General Officers Ian Holmes

 Festival Committee

Section Secretaries

Band, Choir, Ensembles & Orchestra Nicky Raimbaux
Brass Nicky Raimbaux
Creative Writing Amy Underdown & Anne Boyere
Piano Hannah Lindsey-Clark
Singing Rebecca Cooch
Speech & Drama Angie Holmes & Afton Aitkenhead
Strings Jean Filkin
Woodwind & Recorder Sam Gill