New: Musical Theatre and Drama Workshops with Peter Drayson!

UPDATE: Unfortunately we have now had to cancel these workshops but hope to host some more in 2022.

BMAF are hosting our first ever workshops. Please come along and join us!

These workshops will be run by experienced actor, writer, director and adjudicator Peter Drayson who has worked in the industry for many years. Amongst other things Peter has worked on West End Musicals and with Disney, he is also a regular adjudicator for the BMAF Speech & Drama section.

These workshops offer children (8-16 years) the opportunity to learn from a true professional and gain extra insight in to the exciting world of theatre and performing arts.

Each workshop will be 2 hours long and include warm up activities, games, working on well knows scripts / songs and a chance to ask Peter any questions you might have.

Workshops will be held at Queen Mary’s College, Cliddesden Road, RG21 3HF on Sunday 3rd October

Musical theatre 2-4pm – Tickets £20

Drama 4.30-6.30pm – Tickets £20

Tickets can be purchased via Eventbright for Musical Theatre or for Drama.

If you would like any further information about our workshops please contact

BMAF Creative Writing 2021 Results and Selected Readings

To see all the winners, runners up and recipients of special awards at this year’s Creative Writing Awards Ceremony broadcast earlier this afternoon (Sunday 21st March) on HHBCR _ Basingstoke Community radio, please click HERE

Listen to the 2021 BMAF Creative Writing Awards ceremony NOW!

Missed the 21st March broadcast of the 2021 Creative Writing Awards Ceremony? Or would you simply like to ‘Listen Again’?

Here is the link to do just that: LISTEN NOW

Alternatively, until April 22nd, you can also listen to the recording here on the HH BCR Website Listen Again – HHCR

Dropbox BMAF Share Folder Links – Readings of Winning or Placed BMAF 2021 Creative Writing Entries

  1. Dearest Mutter by Scarlett Boyle (Winner CW 05 Letter Writing Years 3 to 6) read by Adjudicator Dr Kevan Manwaring
  2. The Strange Carving by Brigid Campbell (Winner CW16 Adult Short Stories) read by Adjudicator Catherine M Brennan
  3. March 2020 by Brigid Campbell (2nd in class CW 21 Adult Sonnets) with commentary and read by Adjudicator Catherine M Brennan
  4. Wonderland (2nd) and the Distant Moon (1st in Class CW20 Childrens’ Sonnets) by Swathi (year 6) and Nidilan (Year 9) Srikajanan with commentary and read by Catherine M Brennan
  5. The Stag by Michael Davidson (2nd in class CW12 Adults Poetry) with commentary and read by Catherine M Brennan
  6. Walking Companions of Yesteryear by Jemima Nielsen (CW23 Adults Flash Fiction with commentary and read by Catherine M Brennan
  7. The Coy Lawyer by Brigid Campbell (winner – CW21 Adult Sonnets) read by Tony Corbin
  8. I am Girl by Lucy Wright (winner CW11 year 7 to 13 Poetry) with commentary and read by Adjudicator Dr Kevan Manwaring
  9. Dear Tweedledee by Swathi Srikajanan (CW05 Childrens’ Letters years 3 to 6) with commentary and read by Adjudicator Dr Kevan Manwaring
  10. In the Shadow of the Blade by Juliet England (CW03 Adult Articles) with commentary and read by Dr Kevan Manwaring
  11. The City Homeless Man – 3rd in Class Creative Writing CW11 – Poetry (Years 7 to 13). Author John Holden was also awarded the Margaret Garland Cup in the BMAF Speech and Drama section SP/D28- John Holden- The City Homeless Man

We have been made aware of difficulties opening some of the above clips on certain devices. If you have been unable to access the files you can also try to link directly here –

And the Winner Is…

A date for your diary… Listen to the 2021 BMAF Creative Writing Awards Ceremony on HHBCR – Basingstoke Community Radio between 2 and 3pm on Sunday 21stMarch 2021.

Be the first to hear the names of this year’s winners, listen to selected readings and hear the thoughts of our Independent Adjudicators.

HH BCR is an internet radio station, so you can ‘tune-in’ anywhere and on almost any device. 

Click on the link or ask Alexa to remind you to Listen In Live.

Section Zoom Links

Performers will be emailed a secure Zoom link to their event. This link must not be shared with anyone else or on social media. If you would like someone outside your household to attend, or to watch another section, please email with your / your guest’s Zoom name and email address and we will add you to the list of invited guests and send the link directly.

Uploading your video to YouTube (UNLISTED) for use by BMAF

  • All videos are to be submitted via an UNLISTED YouTube link (see guidance below). Once the video is uploaded the link must be emailed to the relevant section secretary by midnight Wednesday 17th February 2021 OR added to your entry form on Run My Festival (To do this; click entry form from menu at top of your screen, select the pencil on the left hand side of the entry you want to edit, then enter the video link where requested)
  • An unlisted video is completely private and cannot be searched or viewed by anyone without the link. It will not be visible in a search and the link will not be shared with anyone other than the section secretary, video compiler and the adjudicator.
  1. To do this you will need a YouTube account. If you do not have a YouTube account you can set one up by creating a Google / Gmail account. This will allow access to YouTube. You can set up one easily by visiting the google home page and selecting the option to create an account in the top right corner.
  2. Once you have a Gmail account you will also now automatically have a YouTube account attached to it. Visit and sign in with your gmail account details. 
  3. Go to the icon of a camera with a plus symbol
  4. Select ‘Upload Video’
  5. You will be guided through the steps to create your YouTube channel
  6. At the end of this process you will be prompted to upload your video
  7. Select your video file and upload it labelling it with the class number, entrant’s name and Performance details (Please use the following format: W17 – Jane Doe – Pied Piper Gordon Jacob) and click ‘Next’
  8. Do not add anything in Video Elements, click ‘next’
  9. Visibility – Select ‘UNLISTED’ this means that your video is completely private and cannot be searched or viewed by anyone without the link. It will not be visible in a search and the link will not be shared with anyone other than the section secretary, video compiler and the adjudicator.
  10. Click Save – The link to your video will then be displayed.
  11. Email the link to your Section Secretary quoting your class number and entrant’s name alongside a PDF of the music performed for the Adjudicator.
  12. You video submission is complete


When uploading your video entries to YouTube, please do not set them as ‘made for kids’ or we cannot add them to our class playlists. Thank you.

On the Festival day

  • All classes will be adjudicated via Zoom on their advertised festival weekend.
  • A timetable will be sent out in advance of the festival day informing you of when your class will be adjudicated. This email will also contain the link to the Zoom meeting.
  • Performances will be streamed via Zoom to enable all entrants to view their class as they would usually do at a live festival.
  • The adjudication feedback will then take place immediately after the performances and winners will be announced. 
  • The adjudications will be interactive and adjudicators may wish to speak to performers individually as they would at a live festival, so please be ready to unmute!
  • All Trophies can be collected by the winners by arrangement with the section secretaries
  • Tickets and programmes will be available on request to entrants and users who register with the festival who wish to view other classes. Details to follow.

Guidelines and tips for recording and submitting your video

  • All videos are to be submitted via an UNLISTED YouTube link (see guidance below). Once the video is uploaded the link must be emailed to the relevant section secretary by midnight Wednesday 17th February 2021
  • Choose a quiet space without background noises or disruptions.
  • Performances can be unaccompanied or backing tracks used if you are not able to meet with an accompanist for your recording. 
  • Set up your camera / phone in on a tripod or prop it on a stand so it is steady (Please note: You do not need professional recording equipment, a good quality mobile phone video will be just fine).
  • Performance videos should be filmed in landscape format showing as much of your upper body, your hands and your instrument (if applicable) as you can. Pianists and harpists please show your feet too if possible ……. But don’t go too far away. We won’t be able to see you if you are a tiny dot in the corner of a large room!
  • Aim to film with any windows or light sources in front of you rather than behind you
  • Sound levels: It is a good idea to do a quick test recording and make sure the sound is clear (try not to get too close to the camera / microphone or the sound may be distorted) Check the balance is correct between the accompaniment and soloist if relevant too.
  • Make a maximum of 3 recordings and pick your best. Don’t get stuck in a frustrating loop of recording, aiming for perfection. Live performances are rarely perfect so don’t worry, this approach will also more closely emulate a live festival.
  • Videos must not be edited or enhanced in any way apart from cropping at the beginning and end, or editing to add additional participants. Sound quality cannot be edited.
  • Perform to the camera as if it was your audience. Introduce yourself and tell us what you will be performing.
  • Take a bow at the end. We might not be watching live but we will be later and it’s a great way to finish your performance.
  • Finally, ENJOY your performance. We are really looking forward to watching your videos!


Basingstoke Music and Arts Festival 2021 will now be an online event. As a committee we feel this format offers our entrants certainty of how the event will be held whilst ensuring no performers or volunteers are placed at risk. Video performances and copies of music should be submitted in advance and an interactive adjudication will then take place live across our three festival weekends via zoom. We hope that this format will still retain much of the magic of a live festival.

Creative Writing will have their Awards Ceremony broadcast on Sunday 21st March from 2-4pm on Basingstoke Community Radio. Please contact Creative Writing Section Secretary Tony Corbin on 07801 166223 or at for further details on how to listen live on the day.

Please check our Entry Page for further information.

BMAF Creative Writing Section Secretary, Tony Corbin, has just published his latest book, ‘Collezione’.

Look at the index for ‘Collezione’ and you might well ask yourself ‘What do the NHS, The Seven Deadly Sins, Cheese, A Bomb, Trick or Treat, Dementia and Kirstie Allsopp all have in common? The answer is that all (and so many more) are explored within the widely and wildly varied topics of Tony Corbin’s latest published poetry and prose musings.

The book has a distinctly local flavour too. Subjects covered include Whitchurch Silk Mill, the River Test, The Wayfarers Walk, London Street, The Place to be Proud of awards, Basing Trail, Destination Basingstoke and the Bard of Basingstoke. There’s even a ‘talk’ surfacing the unique difficulties of cultivating a garden on the local chalk!

To contrast with the local focus, the book offers a great opportunity in these Covid constrained times for the reader to ‘armchair travel’. Travelogue extracts in the book cover Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Argentina and Canada. 

You will find the content itself, irrespective of subject, ranges from the pithy through parodies to the profound. The advice is to simply ride the ‘Collezione’ journey and let the content entertain, inspire or enthral you.

The book is special in other ways too. £1 from every sale is destined to go to the local area ‘Inspero Community Hubs’. These ‘hubs’ provide valuable support to those who have ‘fallen on hard-times’. An excellent ‘stocking-filler or birthday gift, ‘Collezione’ is available now for order on Amazon UK either as an e-book (at £4) or as a paperback for £6.50. For more information you can call Tony on 07801 166223 or email him at:

And finally… a reminder from Tony that the 2021 BMAF Creative Writing Competition entry deadline is now only a matter of weeks away… namely Monday 14th December.


Entries are now open!

We are investigating into the possibility of an online festival for 2021. A final decision regarding this will be announced on Wednesday 25th November with further information.

Entries will remain valid should we convert to an online format, so please enter as usual.

A Big Thumbs Up and Thank You to the Litter Picker

The 2020 BMAF Creative Writing winning play script was broadcast on Basingstoke Community Radio on 29th September. There were plenty of listeners too based on all the complimentary feedback received by BMAF, the Radio Station and Silchester Players Theatre Company, whose members performed the one-act play.

If you missed the 15 minute broadcast and would like to hear the performance too, click here: Listen to the Litter Picker Play

Our thanks to Silchester Players (performers/producers), HH BCR (as providers of the broadcast medium) and to Ann Stonehouse, our winning author, for adapting her winning BMAF 2020 Play Script for radio. 

Finally, it could of course be you in 2021. Take a look now at the BMAF Creative Writing competition syllabus by selecting ‘Sections’ Creative Writing on the website home-page.

Listen to Selected Winning Entries

Listen to last years creative writing entries using this link

Titles, names, and categories that were won can be found in the below table.

ForenameSurnameGroupTitle of PieceBMAF Category
AmberMilliganYear 6The Peril of the Amazon RainforestCW1 Articles
MylesHarfieldAdultFrom Gravitational Waves to RabbitsCW3 Articles
SamRobinsonYear 6Yours Faithfully – A Child of TodayCW5 Letter Writing
EllieBartonYear 2An Exciting PlaceCW8 Poetry
AlexisHunterYear 3TrappedCW9 Poetry
AmalieClarkYears 5&6What Will Happen If?CW10 Poetry
ChloeTarlingYear 13If I were a Polar BearCW11 Poetry
GeoffBurnesAdultPanic in the North PoleCW14 Short Story
NidilanSrikajananYear 8The Mystery Only One Could SolveCW15 Short Story
KateGilesAdultAuriol – Reimagining GoldilocksCW16 Short Story
ImogenTononYear 7A TearCW22 500 Word Flash Fiction
ChloeTarlingYear 13La PoetaCW25 Poem into a Poem