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BMAF 2018 Creative Writing Competition NEWS…

This year’s Basingstoke Music & Arts Festival Creative Writing competition (entry deadline date is 11th December) will feature a new ingredient this year.

Entrants and family members attending the Creative Writing Awards ceremony (on Sunday 18th March, starting at 2.30pm in the QMC Main Hall) will be able to obtain a signed copy of Section Secretary, Tony Corbin’s, suspenseful fiction novel ‘Fall of the Dice’.

It is the tale of how four distinctly different individuals come together and how they react to a life changing incident. One of the book’s many readers, Peter Moyes stated ‘Fall of the Dice kept me interested, intrigued and wanting to read more.’

The book will be available at a suggested donation of £5 with proceeds being split equally between BMAF (itself a registered charity) and the Arrhythmia Alliance – a charity that works to improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all those affected by heart arrhythmias.

Tony Corbin commented ‘The book was first published in 2013 and I recently had a small quantity of copies returned from a retailer. I have what is commonly known as AF (Atrial Fibrillation), so, I have just learnt, do two of my BMAF colleagues! Apart from this exampling how common AF is, there is also an issue that tens of thousands of people carry the condition without realising it. They are five to ten times more likely to suffer a severe and debilitating stroke as a consequence. Out of this comes the need to spread the word about diagnosis and anti-coagulant treatments and at the same time, raise some much needed funds for both charities.’

If you can’t wait until March to contribute to these worthy causes, you can send an email or contact Tony and he will arrange to get a signed copy of the book <also an ideal Christmas gift> to you. or M 07801 166223