Saturday 16th March and Sunday 17th March 2019

All entries to be sent by Thursday 17th January 2019 to: Marilyn Wright

Copse Cottage




RG25 3BH

Telephone: 01256 397445

Adjudicator: Penelope Price Jones  BSc., ARAM, LRAM, PGCA


CLASS S1 7 years and under GRACE POWERS CUP 3 mins.

CLASS S2 8 – 9 years SARAH MARTIN CUP 3 mins.

CLASS S3 10 – 11 years MARY GRACE CUP 3 mins.

CLASS S4 12 – 14 years MICHAEL HOWARD CUP 3 mins.

CLASS S5 15 – 18 years MARY GRACE CHALLENGE CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S6 13 years and under       Sacred solo or hymn. MAYOR’S AWARD 3 mins.

CLASS S7 14 – 18 years Sacred solo.     ST. MICHAEL’S CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S8 18 years and underAny song from an opera or operetta.4 mins.

FOLK SONG SOLO    Unaccompanied or self-accompanied on a folk instrument, not a piano.

CLASS S9 11 years and under LOUIS GILVEAR CUP (S9 – S10) 3 mins.

CLASS S10 12 – 18 years 3 mins.

CLASS S11 18 years and under        Italian song, sung in Italian.  AGATHA VASSALLO MEMORIAL TROPHY.     4 mins


CLASS S12 18 years and under LIONS CUP                   4 mins.

French or German song, sung in the original language.

MUSICAL SHOW OR FILM   Any song from a musical show or film.   

CLASS S13 8 years and under VICTRIS CUP (S13 – S16) 3 mins.

CLASS S14 9 – 11 years 3 mins.

CLASS S15 12 – 14 years 4 mins.

CLASS S16 15 – 18 years 4 mins.

CHARACTER SONG Costumes and props permitted.

CLASS S17 11 years and under DONALD CHICK MEMORIAL CUP (S17 – S19) 3 mins.

CLASS S18 12 – 15 years 4 mins.

CLASS S19 16 – 18 years 4 mins.

CLASS S20 18 years and under     Own choice of a 20th century English Art song. 5 mins.

  Speech and song: recite the text and sing the song.  Both are of equal importance.

JUNIOR RECITAL   Own choice of two contrasting songs.

CLASS S21 18 years and under   ELIZABETH HURLEY CUP 8 mins.


CLASS S22 18 years and under Vocal Duet. 3 mins.

CLASS S23 18 years and under Vocal Trio or Quartet. 4 mins.

ADULT SOLO All classes are own choice of one item, except for the Song Recital class.

CLASS S31 Young adult solo.  19 – 25 years  4 mins.

CLASS S32 Adult female solo. NICOLA SEYFRIED CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S33 Adult male solo. HILDA PRICE CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S34 Oratorio.   Aria only, without recitative. ST. MICHAEL’S SENIOR CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S35 Light opera.  Not Gilbert and Sullivan.   ARTHUR ATTWOOD CUP (S35-S36) 4 mins.

CLASS S36 Song from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. 4 mins.

CLASS S37 Song from a musical show or film. VALERIE FAIRBAIRN CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S38 A British song composed after 1850. AUDREY VAILE CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S39 17th or 18th century song. PHOEBE ADAMS CUP 4 mins.

Own choice of German, Italian or English song of the period.

CLASS S40 German Lied (1750 – 1900). LANSING BAGNALL CUP 4 mins.

Any suitable lied, to be sung in German.

CLASS S41 French or Italian song, sung in the original language.  HUNT CUP 4 mins.


CLASS S42 Opera. FREDA BEVAN CUP 5 mins.

Any aria to be sung, preferably in the original key.

CLASS S43 Music Hall or Victorian Parlour song. HOTHAM CUP 4 mins.

CLASS S44 Character Song. Costumes and props permitted. 4 mins.

CLASS S45 Novice. WORTHING CUP 4 mins.

Open to any adult who has not previously won an adult solo singing class in this festival.

CLASS S46 Folk song. FORFAR CUP 4 mins.

Sung unaccompanied or self-accompanied by a folk instrument, not a piano.

CLASS S47 Speech and song. FESTIVAL CUP 6 mins.

Own choice of 20th century English Art song. 

Entrants must sing the song and recite the text, both being of equal importance.

CLASS S48 Song Recital.             SONG RECITAL CHAMPIONSHIP CUP 8 mins.

Own choice of two contrasting songs.

CLASS S49 Vocal Duet. NOYCE CUP (S49 – S50) 4 mins.

CLASS S50 Vocal Trio or Quartet. NOYCE CUP (S49 – S50) 4 mins.